Wellbeing & Family Support

Great Ouse Primary Academy is committed to ensuring and improving the well-being of all children. We will strive to ensure that children are active, healthy and have a positive physical and mental well-being.

CMAT Wellbeing Advice

Mental health & Wellbeing Policy



Bedford Borough Council offer a wealth of support services for children and families.  Please click on link below image to see full details of LOCAL OFFER.

Bedford Local Offer





Family Lives



Parentchannel TV




Positive Parenting

Early Help's Triple P delivery is a FREE service, aimed at families with children aged 3 to 16 years. 20 practitioners/professionals have been trained to deliver a variety of universal programmes such as - personal consultations, group courses, larger public seminars and other self-help interventions, delivered in schools and local community venues, across a range of times and dates over the coming months.

The programme contains a variety of discussions, video clips, worksheets and booklets for you to take away.
Our aim is to empower and equip parents with key skills to better deal with the everyday and on occasions extreme parenting challenges. Giving parents the kind of solid parenting information and support that can reduce their distress and help prevent behavioural problems in children.

For further information on where and when Triple P is being delivered near you please contact martyn.lee@bedford.gov.uk, or call 01234 276147.


Our School Nursing service are delighted to offer a PARENTLINE for parents and carers to access advice on health and wellbeing matters.  See details below and also click the link for more information.

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School and parents/carers need to work in partnership to nurture the wellbeing of all children. Below is a useful tool.

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Growth Mindset

At Great Ouse Primary Academy we believe strongly in developing a GROWTH MINDSET attitude in all our students. The brain is like a muscle - when it is challenged and exercised, it gets stronger.

Growth Mindset


We work closely with CHUMS (emotional and well being service) and we are privileged to have workshops run by them at school.

Their website also offers excellent resources for supporting children's wellbeing.






Place2Be offer excellent support and resources - click on the mage below to visit their website.




Free CAMHS resources



Domestic Abuse


National helpline


Men's advice line


Early Help

Early help is about taking action early and as soon as possible to tackle problems emerging for children, young people and their families.

Early help means providing support as soon as possible to help families cope with difficulties and working together with other services to prevent bigger problems emerging.

Support can come from a range of services and organisations, for parents, children and young people of any age. Our aim is to provide the right action at the right time with the right support.

¤  Early help is a strategy to identify problems early on and ensure help is provided to avoid problems escalating

¤  It is a voluntary process, so the child and family can decline the offer of help

¤  All school staff have a responsibility to identify children who may need extra help

¤  An early help assessment is undertaken by a lead professional, who could be a teacher, SENCO, GP, family support worker or health visitor

¤  The assessment should be clear about the action to be taken and the services to be provided and the help offered should be coordinated

¤  Our local authority provides a range of services


Early Help Guide

Click below to find out what services Bedford Borough offer families (Local offer)

The Bedford Borough Early Help holds information on a wide range of services in Bedford Borough for children, young people and families. This includes sources of support, childcare, children's centres and children's activities.


The Diagnosis Support Pack (DSP) has been coproduced by families for families following a diagnosis of a neurodiversity, and contains information, resources and signposting in a variety of media (video's, infographics, animations), split into 14 sections - from sleep to medication, and lots more.

The pack has been co-produced with the help of parents, young people, local Parent Carer Forums, CAMHS, Education Psychology and other key partners.


There is also a useful video - please follow link below:



ADHD Autism poster




Welcome to Great Ouse Primary Academy

Welcome and thank you for your interest in our school. Great Ouse Primary Academy is a school that thinks and dreams big for its pupils. Expectations are high for all who make up the Great Ouse Primary Academy community and these standards reflect the wonderful physical environment we have developed to enable children to flourish within and beyond the school walls. We are committed to developing learners who are resilient, learners who are focused and learners who are aspirational in their goals; learners well prepared to be successful citizens of the 21st century.

Great Ouse Primary Academy opened as a brand new primary academy in September 2017 and is a proud member of Sharnbrook Academy Federation (SAF). The school is a named feeder school for Lincroft Academy and Sharnbrook Academy. The school is a bright, modern and inspiring learning environment with up-to-date technology and vibrant teaching and learning spaces for our pupils and staff.

We believe that the school absolutely belongs to our community of children, staff, parents and carers. We urge you to actively support and be involved in the school. It is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to be part of something special.

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.”
(Martin Luther King, Jr)

Paul Ives