Meet the Team












zoe rooke

Paul Ives

Principal (DSL)

Sally Paynter

Office Manager

Suzanne Sharpe

Pupil and Family Support (DSL)

Michelle Shaw

Kitchen Manager

Zoe Rooke

Year 3 Class Teacher

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Chris Payne

Deputy Principal

Maths Subject Leader

Matilda Harris

Data Admin Assistant

& Teaching Assistant

Di Brockett

Finance HR Assistant

 Sian Fisher

ECT Year 1 Class Teacher

 Bethanie Moore

Year 4 Teacher

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 Romina  Laura  Tia  106 AAF4E674B6

 Anna Browning

EYFS Leader

Reception Class Teacher

Romina Williams

Year 1 Class Teacher

English Subject Leader


Laura Martindale

Reception Class Teacher

 Tia Parsons

Teaching Assistant

 Julia Cairns

Pre-School Practitioner

 Amy  Meg 2  Emily 78  3

Amy Jackson


Year 3 Class Teacher

Megan Stringer

Pre-School Manager

Emily Prowse

Pre-School Practitioner

Judith Williams

 Year 4 Teaching Assistant

Ben Hammond

 PE Teacher

 Catherine H2

 6 2F6F52C473  Hannah



Catherine Harrison

Midday Supervisor

 Lorna Dell

ECT Year 2 Teacher

 Hannah McDonagh

 Teaching Assistant 

Diane Harper

Teaching Assistant

 Tracey Hawking

Pre-school Practitioner


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Soraya Ahmed

 EYFS Teaching Assistant

Chloe Pearce-Roberts


Wasia Khan

Key Worker/Support Assistant 

Jackie Crackel

 Teaching Assistant

 Tom Hawking

Pre-school Practitioner

 Linzie  Ann  15  487 E2579E9467  20

Linzie Kelly

 Midday Supervisor


 Ann Payne 


Poppy Mullane

Year 2 Class Teacher

Lynn Brown

 Year 5 Teaching Assistant

Catherine Talbot 

Year 5 Class Teacher






Sasha Marticanaj

Key Worker/Support Assistant

Rosie Ireland

Key Worker/Support Assistant

Lucy Stollery

Key Worker/Support Assistant

Katie Lovell

Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Laura Chance

Catch Up Tutor

Monisha Badhan




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Monisha Badhan

Midday Supervisor

 Eve Sharpe

ECT Year Three Teacher

Shahnaz Kousar

Midday Supervisor

 Alison Button

Year 1 Teaching Assistant and SENDCo Admin Assistant

Talena Day



midday2  midday1 



Rebecca Bentley

French Teacher

 Shashi Jusurnauth

Midday Supervisor

Nikki Rodd

Midday Supervisor 

Raff Ripalunga

Site Agent 

Octavia Cavill 

ECT Year Three Teacher 

Welcome to Great Ouse Primary Academy

Welcome and thank you for your interest in our school. Great Ouse Primary Academy is a school that thinks and dreams big for its pupils. Expectations are high for all who make up the Great Ouse Primary Academy community and these standards reflect the wonderful physical environment we have developed to enable children to flourish within and beyond the school walls. We are committed to developing learners who are resilient, learners who are focused and learners who are aspirational in their goals; learners well prepared to be successful citizens of the 21st century.

Great Ouse Primary Academy opened as a brand new primary academy in September 2017 and is a proud member of Sharnbrook Academy Federation (SAF). The school is a named feeder school for Lincroft Academy and Sharnbrook Academy. The school is a bright, modern and inspiring learning environment with up-to-date technology and vibrant teaching and learning spaces for our pupils and staff.

We believe that the school absolutely belongs to our community of children, staff, parents and carers. We urge you to actively support and be involved in the school. It is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to be part of something special.

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.”
(Martin Luther King, Jr)

Paul Ives