School closure Home Learning

Activity Year group/phase
10 Minute Maths Year 1
10 Minute Maths Year 2
10 Minute Maths Year 3
Secure in Maths (Set 1) Year 2
Maths Masters Year 1
Maths Masters Year 2
Maths Masters Year 4
Before and after assessments Year 1
Before and after assessments Year 2
Challenge Cards Year 1
TT Rockstars All Years (login details sent home)
Sumdog All Years (login details sent home)
PowerMaths Books Book 2B Year 2 Please complete all the work on shape (pages 75-112)
PowerMaths Books Book 3B & 4B Year 3 & 4 Please complete your PowerMaths books.


Maths – We continue to follow the daily activities provided by White Rose Maths, these are also part of the BBC Bitesize daily lessons so you can choose which you prefer or have a mixture of both. Check out the Great Ouse Facebook page for the daily maths updates with lessons and topics to be covered.

Power Maths C Books – Some of you have purchased the C Book in the series, this is great! Try to pace yourself through the book and stay inline with the topics listed on our Facebook page as the online tutorials will help supplement the learning and allow for you to be more independent.

Power Maths Home Learning Books – Pearson have this week launched a brand-new Power Maths book designed to support Home Learning, these books provide more structure to allow parents and carers to support the learning.

School Jam – Children in Reception, Year 1 and 2 have had a whole host of activities sent to their School Jam accounts, these activities are designed for both parents/carers and children to take part in together.

There is no right or wrong way at the moment, little and often is great, remember its not all about the Core Subjects and we don’t want your child to ‘switch off’. Try a worksheet or page from the ideas above, there are also many extension activities available below.

White Rose Maths Hub have will be delivering some live lessons over the next few weeks. They have provided some helpful videos and tutorials as well as worksheets to accompany each unit. They match our PowerMaths units too so if you're stuck check out the clips online here

Year 1, 3 & 4 Please complete the Home Learning Pack from the list below before attempting some of the other activities, Year 4 please then focus on your MTC Times Table Check using (The Maths Factor Website). Year 2 please complete the pages in your PowerMaths Books before attempting any of the other maths activities. Year 2 children with their own CGP maths and English books feel free to work your way through any incomplete pages.
please use this link to find even more great website suggestions and ideas. 

Weekly well being packs can be found here
Literacy Ideas and additional resources can be found here

Writing Guidance SPaG

Science home learning activities can be found here

Computing resources (Scratch)

Home Learning Packs
EYFS Home Learning Pack EYFS – Including Pre-School
Year 1 Home Learning Pack Year 1
Year 1 Home Learning Pack Guidance & Answers Year 1
Year 1 Practical Ideas Year 1
Year 2 Home Learning Pack Year 2
Year 2 Home Learning Pack Guidance & Answers Year 2
Year 2 Practical Ideas Year 2
Year 3 Home Learning Pack Year 3
Year 3 Home Learning Pack Guidance & Answers Year 3
Year 3 Practical Ideas Year 3
Year 4 Home Learning Pack Year 4
Year 4 Home Learning Pack Guidance & Answers Year 4
Year 4 Practical Ideas Year 4

 Please click here for links to 2021 Home Learning Packs as suggested by Mrs Jackson

PE WOW Active Cards
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4


Suggested Websites
TT Rockstars All Years
Sumdog All Years – Maths, Spelling and Grammar
Twinkl All Years - UKTWINKLHELPS
Espresso All Years
Letterjoin All Years
Oxford Owl Online Reading Reception Class
Phonics Play
username: march 20 password: home
Hamilton Trust All Years


Reception Class Activities
Cardboard Rocket
Read and Race ck e u r h b
Comparing Numbers to 10
CVC Activity Booklet
Counting and ordering numbers
Challenge Cards
Emoji Face Activity
Paper plate activity
Phonics Rhyming
Phonics Phase 2
Phonics Phase 3
Read and Race - "qu ch sh th ng"
Read and Race - "SATPIN"
Biscuit Recipe
Hamilton Trust Resources


Please feel free to try some of the links enclosed here these are provided by

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